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Published: January 31, 2024

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1Click Review – Is It Safe in 2024

In today’s fast-evolving web area, concerns about online security and worldwide free content gain more validity. Personal private data is a kind of asset that can be interesting for online swindlers, and complete internet access is a fair approach for all countries.

VPN (virtual private network) is a combination of the software and hardware technical remedies dedicated to solving both questions outlined above. These services have the same purpose, but the settlement of each often has distinctive adjustments. It can appear to be a hard challenge for a common citizen to figure out the specific details and essential technical stuff on his own.

Our resource,, was created with the intention of explaining the current topic to consumers in clear words with a focus on free applications. To use the encrypted network, it is not necessary to know all the internal things inch by inch, but some simple grounds will help you a lot in making a choice among the providers. All the information on our platform is composed in a structured form, revealing the main points of the VPN functionality. We hope our job will help you find what you came for.

  • Easy installation
  • No registration
  • Vulnerable privacy policy
  • Only one location available
  • Chrome’s app connection speed is too low
  • Android’s app connection speed is too low
  • No security options
  • Does not work in highly restricted countries
  • Support service does not work

1Click VPN Features

The VPN provider of the ongoing review promotes Chrome’s software. The official website says that the mobile and other browsers’ apps are under development. Still, we discovered that Android’s program is available on the Play Market.

The comprehensive particulars of the possibilities are not presented on their website or in the applications either, so we will become familiar with all the peculiarities in the following sections.

Privacy and Logging

This section is important to know because, except for external threats, the service provider can collect sensitive users’ data. It is not always the case, but it occasionally appears. There is no single document for all the VPNs that sets the rules for treating consumers intelligence.

Every provider practices an individual approach in this way, and sometimes you can find very similar provisions between two different vendors. There are many circumstances that can impact the privacy policy, and we are going to figure out the details of 1Click VPN.

The start provision of the privacy policy page
The first screenshot is from the privacy policy page.

The privacy policy page can have various structures. Sometimes you can face separate provisions related to the website and provisions related to the application. In our particular case, we should consider that the statements within have the same control over the website and the VPN software.

The list of non-personal information
Allegendly just the technical information, but not for sure.

Such items as the browser name, the type of computer, technical information about users, the operating system, and the internet service providers are obviously not identifiable data. But the phrase “other similar information” in the ending of the sentence is not clear. Under these unobtrusive words can be hidden everything you want. It is not a professional explanation of the situation.

Users email and phone collection
The collected data gains more value.

At first, we want to remark that this statement is regarding only the paid subscription. You are required to create an account utilizing these assets. For the free version, you just need to install the software. Nonetheless, the phone number is very sensitive information that leads to a person.

As soon as you start using 1Click services, you will not avoid data collection.

We have a concern about two points from the list above: the first is IP address gathering, and the second is about the device code from the third bullet point. The IP address detection may have different danger levels depending on the situation.

The ISP shares his IP address when your device is connected to its network. In this situation, you have nothing to worry about because plenty of consumers who exploit the same internet provider have an equal IP address as well.

Yet, there is another situation when an ISP can apply a certain IP address to a specific user if this user wants it. This feature is called ‘dedicated IP address’. In this case, 1Click VPN will see the IP address of a WI-FI router at your home.

Now a few words about device code; it is again a fuzzy explanation. The device has a variety of codes. For example, an IMEI code is like an ID card for the gadget and can easily expose the device’s location. And often, this device may be lying in your pocket.

Users need to deal with third-party privacy policy
Be aware that while paying for the service, you are involved in the privacy policy of the financial intermediary.

When purchasing the subscription, you will transfer funds via a payment processor. 1Click does not deal with it at all; hence, you should familiarize yourself with the privacy provisions of the payment service.

1Click VPN user data protection measures
No details, just a general outline.

It is a favorite thing of the majority of providers to write very superficially about personal data protection measures. Indeed, there is no information about the server placement: is it a really secured place or a garage somewhere in the town?

Also, they mentioned a TLS certificate as the encryption technology for communication with their servers. But this certificate is not the sole unit in the VPN security settlement; there is more stuff they can share with the public. Generally, it is difficult to trust a company that does not describe its technologies.

And one more weird thing that they mentioned here is about the user’s transaction information. Albeit, the company ensured that it did not have to deal with payments at all. Maybe this is just the data on the user’s subscription status.

Provider shares personal data with outer parties
What do third-parties know about you?

It is a widespread practice to partner with third-party services. Literally, only a few providers do not involve external assistance. Here we see that the provider shares personal data with external organizations. The highlighted sentence from the screenshot ends with the phrase ‘you have given us your permission’.

It is a sly moment because this application does not have an explicit notification of your confirmation of any permissions. But the Terms of Use page has a related provision.

A precaution that a user automatically accepts terms of use immediately after the app installation
Here is this statement that attests to your automatic confirmation of the personal data sharing with third-parties.

1Click provider does not addresses his service to children under 13
Age limitation practice.

According to this provision, the current provider does not intend to collect data from children under the age of 13. However, this approach does not imply a decent implementation; there is not even a pop-up message in the application.

We have observed all the main pillars of the privacy policy, and now we are going to the next section about speed exploration.

Speed Tests – How Fast is 1Click VPN

The convenience of the online workflow directly depends on internet speed capabilities. VPN services always influence the initial ISP speed and do it to a different extent. A lot of prerequisites play a role here but they are absolutely unnecessary to know for you.

The main goal of this block is to represent the real connection speed while using this VPN. Despite that at the moment of writing this review, the current provider is extensively promoting Chrome’s extension, we found out that they also have an Android free version.

When the free app version provides a set of locations we conduct investigations for two regions: one is the American and another is a server from the European region. In the particular instance we have only one available location, thus the speed measurement will be also one for each platform. Here is a few indices that we will pay attention on as well:

  • Download speed index shows how fast your local device can absorb the traffic;
  • Upload speed index shows how fast you can deliver traffic from the local device to the web;
  • Ping time response presents the latency of the server response or an opposite side at the time of the real-time events like online meetings, calls, gaming, etc.

PC Test

This section is empty seeing that 1Click VPN has not developed software for the desktop.

Browsers’ Extensions Test

1Click VPN for Chrome demonstrates speed possibilities
Lithuanian server.

The top image of the screenshot demonstrates the genuine speed of the internet service provider. The indices are:

  • The download speed is 76.21 mbps;
  • The upload speed is 71.31mbps;
  • The ping time is 5 ms.

The bottom image of the screenshot illustrates the connection speed of the 1Click Lithuanian server. The indices are:

  • The download speed is 19.4 mbps;
  • The upload speed is 7.15 mbps;
  • The ping time is 107ms.

The download speed index drop is nearly 75%, the upload speed index loss is about 90%, and the ping time response increased from 6 ms to 107ms.

The deterioration of either indicator is very high; you definitely can not use it on the cellular network and as well you will face significant lags while being connected to the home’s WI-FI router.

Mobile Test

1Click VPN for Android demonstrates speed capacity
The only Lithuanian server is available on the Android device as well.

The left image of the screen shout shows the results of the ISP. The indices are:

  • The download speed is 77.9 mbps;
  • The upload speed is 71.1 mbps;
  • The ping time is 2 ms. 

The right image shows the VPN’s connection speed. The indices are:

  • The download speed is 6.98 mbps;
  • The upload speed is 12.6 mbps;
  • The ping time is 61 ms.

The download speed fall is about 90%, the upload speed index decreased by 82%, and the ping time response increased from 2 ms to 61ms.

The both speed indexes suffered serious losses and are not suitable for seamless network utilization. By the way the ping time response is in the range of affordable values, but it does not give much gain considering the download and upload speed performances.

About Safety – How Secure is 1Click VPN?

The provider did not prepare any information about his security possibilities on the website nor in the application. Just a single thing we have studied from the privacy policy page is that the communication with their servers is protected by the TLS certificate.

TLS (transport layer security) certificate is a kind of remedy that gives more security over the ordinary HTTP connection. But in the context of VPN it is a very stingy functionality. Virtual private network is a complex entity that is compatible with a powerful set of distinctive features.

There is a scope of encryption protocol adjusted for specific situations: one is better for fast data transferring, another is less rapid but possesses a more solid safeguard configuration, and so on. Except for the protocols the virtual private network field can offer a great deal of additional security features with unique characteristics and purposes.

Nowadays it is a common and must have practice to run HTTP connection over the TLS/SSL certificate. According to Google Transparency Report (Jan 2024) 95% of websites sending requests to Google globally use HTTPS. Thus, here nothing extra securable especially for VPN to use the TLS protocol.

Desktop Apps

This section is empty seeing that 1Click VPN has not developed software for the desktop.

Mobile Apps

In this section we usually describe visual representation and general features. 1Click made its application very minimalistic, thereby the block will be curt.

1Click Android
An application on Android.

The main screen contains a connect/disconnect button, hamburger menu icon, and a location selection. The hamburger menu icon includes just a sign-in form. That is all the current software can propose for the consumer.

The benefit of the application is that you use it immediately after the installation without any additional steps.

Browser Extensions

The browser extension is almost identical to the mobile application.

1Click Chrome
Chrome extension’s main screen.

As you see he design as well is very minimalistic and offers a set of location and a connect/disconnect button. The hamburger is absent. The installation procedure is smooth and does not require additional actions. Right away after the software has been installed users can exploit it. 


Considering that the application’s fulfillment both for Android and Chrome is lean there is not much to say of the performance.

The evidence of the speed capabilities did not make a decent impression: Android and Chrome’s applications incur meaningful velocity letdown that makes almost impossible the comfortable usage.

The security optionality is unknown for anyone:  the provider did not give whatever information about this aspect. We accidentally found some information about the TLS certificate inside the privacy policy. This technology is not a specific trait intrinsic to VPN, it is a general and very widely used technology for encrypting HTTP connection. So, the protection measures here are not stronger than at an ordinary hosted website with the TLS certificate.

Work in Highly Restricted Countries

There is no information from the provider about this query.

Server’s locations

The free editions both for Android and Chrome imply one server in Lithuania.

What Bonuses Does the Paid Version Offer, and How Much Does It Cost?

VPN subscription pricing
Subscription pricing.

According to the illustration the paid version proposes some video streaming platforms. However this explanation is unclear because there exist different streaming services located in various countries. And what platforms will be accessible for users is a question.

The point about unlimited VPN time is also a promotion move. Free version does not bound the usage time.

For the premium subscription 1Click extended simultaneously connected devices quantity from one to three and opened nine more countries.

The subscription has only the annual plan and it costs $10 which is less than $1 per month; the price is very cheap.

About Support

You can reach the support page only through the official website, the application itself does not have a support item at all.

1Click support form on the official site
Action form on the website’s support page.

Such a form is a popular kind of solution for the support services. In reality this provider has the contact form but it does not work: we sent them a message and did not receive a response. Als

An email of the support service is inside the privacy policy page
While investigating the privacy policy page we found an email of their support service. 

We decided to check it and wrote them a letter. The result was again negative, we did not receive an answer.

1Click VPN Review: Final verdict

We estimate the current provider as a weak player among the competitors. Their privacy policy has vulnerable gaps, speed tests are bad for the mobile and browser application. 

The security functionality has any option, and the sole mention of the TLS certificate in their system is rather a bad promotion step than a decent measure. Generally it is used almost everywhere where there is an HTTP connection.

Neither Android or Chrome’s application do not gain interesting features: there is nothing apart from locations and the connection button. Besides, only one location is accessible for free. The bonuses of the paid version are very modest but the price for this subscription is low as well. The support service does not work through the website’s form nor via direct emailing. Summarizing all the facts we can not advise this provider as a liable service.