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Published: January 6, 2024

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Atlas VPN Review – Is It Safe in 2024

How to choose a competent VPN provider if you do not have appropriate technical knowledge or have it but do not have time to explore services on your own? And here we are going on the stage, offering you to read our reviews with comprehensive particulars about each provider that we have explored.

The investigations we conduct encompass multi-sided aspects to share you the complete picture of the specific service. We scrutinize privacy policy, network area, connection speed availabilities, security tools, and other features. Just like actual human being we deliver the material in a clear and simple form to be understandable for wide audience. We hope our materials will assists you to orientate while choosing the VPN provider.

  • Seamless installation and launch
  • Fast speed connection
  • Live supports answer in a day
  • 5 GB of traffic available for free per month
  • Only two locations are available for free version
  • Small security stack 
  • The products does not optimized for browsers
  • Any information about the service for countries with high restrictions on web usage
  • Privacy Policy has security gaps

Atlas VPN Features

Official website of this provider presents a pack of different features designed to strengthen the security and convenience of the products. A solid no-logs policy, a data breach monitor, split tunneling, and kill switch functions create the power of the current VPN.

They write about the usage of modern encryption algorithms, such as ChaCha20 and AES-256. WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2 protocols also complement the product.

Their network has servers in 49+ countries and counts 1000+ servers. The software has been produced for various operating systems involving desktops and mobile devices.

Our goal is to create a clear review about the free VPN opportunities, and now we will find out what really works for the free plan.

Privacy and Logging

Privacy policy is a source with precise information about what data is collected and what reasons are related to it. It is not a stringent, united compilation of rules for all VPNs; a lot of statements are very similar, but each provider keeps the right to offer an individually customized privacy policy. In a terse explication, one provider may log private data, another does not store anything, and the third keeps only some piece of sensible information.

In this section, we are going to survey the privacy policy of the current provider and reveal if it has weak points. This vendor makes its privacy policy a substitution of terms and conditions, so some screenshots may be from various pages. And here is the first statement on the privacy policy.

Atlas VPN data collection
They affirm that their policy is stringent and absolutely liable

No-logs provider’s adherence is a security liability for consumers. Atlas VPN affirms that provides no-logs services. It means that you can be sure that nobody from outside will access valuable individual details. 

However, it was only the beginning, and we have much information to observe ahead. The next screen describes when and why they collect private details.

How to create an account of Atlas VPN
Provide your email for an account creation

In the picture above, the talk is about collecting email addresses for registration purposes. Nothing is critical; we are used to constantly sharing our email addresses to create an account on any platform or service. Also, a VPN provider should have a communication channel to notify you of important updates or occasions. Let us move on.

Information required to get Atlas VPN subscription plan
You need to share a bunch of personal information in order to process payment

In this section, there is a bit more description about gathering sensitive data: the user’s IP address, full name, and credit card information. Then country of residence, state, and ZIP code.

The case with the IP address is a double-edged-sword situation. In general, an internet service provider (ISP) covers users’ private IP addresses with their public IP. And no problems; a huge quantity of consumers are under the ISP’s IP—no precise identifier.

But there is an additional option from the ISP of assigning an individual IP address to a consumer at his will. And now it pivots into very valuable private information. A private IP address makes available precise location disclosure.

In the second turn, let us scrutinize aspects of the country’s residence, state, and zip code. We do not assign this information to an essential group because a tremendous number of people fall under the single country category.

And what an interesting combination we receive: private IP address, full name, card details, and country details. Because of IP collection, the whole information became sensitive. Does it seem to be strong protection?

It is not the end; we have revealed more explanations.

Does VPN collect private identifiers
Your mobile ID may be used for the provider’s purposes

Mobile identifiers are the same thing as private IPs; the holder of this unique information may have access to your precise location. And it is a very distorted notion of resetting the mobile identifier. Technically, it is possible, unless it is done by a technical specialist with specific equipment. It is a very complex task to change this data. 

The sense of their statement is embarrassing! Imagine that a common man, who is a musician or teacher, needs to dive in depth into the programming architecture of a mobile device to reset the identifier. How much private time will it take? Or how much will it cost to appeal to a specialist? 

And what will it look like? They will record your mobile ID every week, and you will reset it each time. It is not more than a pretty written text.

Atlas VPN protection consider personal data disclosure
Disclosure and sharing of your personal data

Obviously, it is fair to protect own rights against legal action; however, the piece of users’ private data is very heavy, considering the facts above. Who knows whether you will accidentally go through such circumstances or not? The legal basement, as well, has gaps, and not once unguilty individuals appeared under the lawful inquiry.

So, what do we have in total? They do not log your browsing activity, browsing history, records of IPs assigned, sites visited, outgoing traffic, content, or data accessed.

They keep a lot of private identifying information: IP address, credit card details, full name, country, state ZIP code, and mobile ID. Also, we are disturbed by their explanation about the simplicity of mobile ID resetting; it is not true.

We cannot recommend Atlas VPN as a 100% secure provider.

Speed Tests – How Fast is Atlas VPN

The main goal of current tests is to explore the influence of the VPN on internet speed conducted by the internet service provider (ISP). Various providers provoke distinct speed changes, which depend on plenty of characteristics.

Usually, we measure the connection speed for two servers: one in the US and one randomly selected from the European region. This application provides only two free countries: the US and the Netherlands; hence, we used only them.

We will see now if Atlas VPN can work without palpable losses. The tests are divided into three sections:

  • PC tests;
  • Browsers’ extensions tests;
  • Mobile test.

PC tests divided on:

  • Windows;
  • MacOS.

Browsers’ extensions tests were not proceeded for the current provider.

Mobile tests divided on:

  • Android;
  • iOS.

Let us look at the results of each product.

PC Test

Windows OS will open the door of desktop’s section.


Internet service provider speed test made on Windows
Pure internet service provider speed

The screenshot above depicts the origin ISP speed: the indexes are:

  • download speed is 89.78 mbps;
  • upload speed is 47.84 mbps;
  • ping time is 2 ms.

The next illustration presents the results while Atlas VPN is turned on.

Speed tests made on Windows for the US and Dutch servers
Windows speed tests; the US and NL locations

The top image shows the performance of the US server. The indexes are:

  • download speed is 70.3 mbps;
  • upload speed is 72.86 mbps;
  • ping time is 174 ms.

Outcome is good enough. The download speed fell by nearly 22%, and the upload speed has increased nearly 52%. Ping time has increased from 3 ms to 174 ms.

The bottom image shows the performance of the Dutch server. The indexes are:

  • download speed is 73.05 mbps;
  • upload speed is 66.36 mbps;
  • ping time is 70 ms.

The NL performance is decent as well. The download speed is 19% below the ISP speed, and the upload speed has been topped up by 39%. The ping time has raised from 3 ms to 70 ms.

Windows’s application presented really very nice results. For both regions, the speed loss is not significant, and the upload speed has been substantially boosted for each location.
Only the ping time has large numbers that may impact delays on live events like online meetings or online gaming.

The investigation for the current section is not possible because Atlas VPN has not invented their extensions for browsers. Moving on to the next section.

Mobile Test

Tests for the Android and macOS apps went under the same countries because only the US and the Netherlands servers are available for the free version.

Android OS is the first in the order.


Speed test on Android made for the US and Dutch servers
Android speed test

The first image shows the results of the ISP. The indexes are:

  • download speed is 45.9 mbps;
  • upload speed is 52.3 mbps;
  • ping time is 2 ms.

The central image shows the performance of the US server. The indexes are:

  • download speed is 36.5 mbps;
  • upload speed is 42.5 mbps;
  • ping time is 135 ms.

The results’ decrease is not palpable. The download speed fell 20% below the ISP speed, and the upload speed is nearly 19% below. Ping time has increased from 3 ms to 135 ms.

The right image shows the performance of the Dutch server. The indexes are:

  • download speed is 42 mbps;
  • upload speed is 53.4 mbps;
  • ping time is 39 ms.

Dutch server presented a very good performance. The download speed loss is negligible,  8% lower than the ISP speed, and the upload speed has improved the indexes by 2%. The ping time has increased from 2 ms to 39 ms.


Speed test made for the US and Dutch servers on iOS
IOS speed test

Image consists of 5 screenshots: the first one depicts the origin ISP speed, the next pair of images corresponds to the US server, and the last pair is related to the Dutch server.

The first image (original ISP speed) shows such indexes:

  • download speed is 84.7 mbps;
  • upload speed is 74.7 mbps;
  • ping time is 3 ms.

The second and third images depict the US server. The indexes are:

  • download speed is 42.8 mbps;
  • upload speed is 43 mbps;
  • ping time is 135 ms.

The results are twice lower. The download speed fell nearly 50%, and the upload speed is nearly 42% lower. Ping time has increased from 3 ms to 135 ms.

The last pair of images represent the Dutch server. The indexes are:

  • download speed is 72.7 mbps;
  • upload speed is 60.6 mbps;
  • ping time is 39 ms.

Dutch location illustrates a minor downgrade. The download speed is just about 14% lower, the upload speed is about 19% below, and the ping time has increased from 2 ms to 39 ms.

Our assessment is high for the speed rates of the mobile apps. The download losses are not significant and, in some cases, even very little. The upload speed performed very well; the Dutch server on the Android app could even improve the indexes.

About Safety – How Secure is Atlas VPN?

Our reviews’ core idea is to reveal the features and specifications of the free VPN version. VPN distributors may obtain a rich technology stack, ensuring safeguards. Nonetheless, the free versions usually have limited functionality. We check what security possibilities encompass the free plan and share them with you.

We will keep in mind the software issued for different platforms to figure out distinctions; macOS’s application will open the list.

Approach is pretty simple: we will look at what features a settings page contains and understand the security measures.

macOS settings field with the Start on Launch and Kill Switch features
MacOS’s app security options

Security tab contains two options, and one of them is ‘Start on launch’, which is not really related to the security factor. 

Kill switch is a useful option that protects from data leaks when the VPN connection drops for some reason. How does it work? At the moment of the VPN connection falling down, you are automatically switching directly to your ISP and have no shield above your web usage.

This option will confine you from internet access at the moment of disrupting the VPN connection. As soon as the connection appears, you will again be connected to the internet.

The security tab is not abundantly supplied with characteristics, and we are moving on to the next tab.

MacOS menu filed with WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2 protocols
MacOS’s app protocols

WireGuard protocol ensures a stable connection while the network changes, for example, when you are switching from WIFI to the cellular internet. The protocol offers solid security and performance characteristics due to its cutting-edge state-of-the-art cryptography, reliable protocols, and cryptokey routing concept. 

IPSec/IKEv2 is a powerful security combination for data protection. It utilizes authentication protocols, encryption algorithms, and integrity checks. IKEv2 was produced to create and maintain safe connections rapidly and effectively. Also, it sustains stable VPN connections at the moment when networks change (from WIFI to cellular internet, for example). IPSec/IKEv2 supports network address translation (NAT) and is optimized for various popular operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Overall, the security tab is very stingy; only one ‘kill switch’ toggler is available. What about the split tunneling function, DNS leak protection, encryption type, and others? The protocols they used are strong and reliable, but unfortunately only two. It would be relevant to add, at least, the OpenVPN protocol, because each protocol suits the specific needs better. And there exist more than these three protocols, which are also suitable in different cases. 

Windows app contains the same set of options as the MacOS app. We would not make a description for that case. We want to highlight a few additional points that we have seen inside the settings.

Windows security settings with Start on Launch Kill Switch Allow Push Notifications and Shield features
Windows’s security options 

As you see, there are two more togglers: ‘Allow Push Notifications’ and ‘Shield’. Our experience prompts us to believe that push notifications generally have a promotional purpose. We do not see any relation between this option and the security settings.

The next toggler is ‘Shield’. We do not understand what this feature means. It is not a commonly known technology about which you can find information on the internet; this ‘Shield’ has a too vague meaning. What protocols or security features does ‘Shield’ use? Is it their individual invention or an already existing utility? Many questions appear around this item.

Generally, Windows’s app has no distinctions in a security matter. We do not recognize push notifications as a safeguard technology; it is rather a marketing step. And this ‘Shield’ feature is also very unclear to give it the status of real security engineering.

Android App

Application distributed for the Android operating system also obtain a lean stack of security measures.

Security options stack of the Android application
Android’s security options

Here we can find the ‘Split Tunneling’ feature, but there is no ‘Kill Switch’ option now. The protocols’ field contains WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2 protocols, like their bigger desktop siblings.

Desktop Apps

This division is devoted to the use of PC apps. We will not cover here the security aspect, as we have characterized it above. We will compose an explanation of the core functionality and try to give you a comprehensive imagination about the product. The first on the go, we will present the Windows’s app.

The installation and launch processes are simple and comfortable. After the software has been installed, you will see the first screen with an sign-up notification. To execute the registration, you need only an email and to confirm the received message from Atlas VPN. Even a password is not required for this operation. In the wake of successful registration, the app is ready for exploitation.

Atlas VPN sign up window after the installation
Windows app; registration screen

One more remark: if you use both macOS and Windows devices, you should confirm the sign-up message received by email on the device that you are using at the moment.

Now let us examine the application and its specifications.

Main screen of the VPN for Windows
Windows app; main screen

Main window is divided into three logical sections: the very left section is filled with menu items; the central section is dedicated to locations and servers; and the last section includes only the turn-on/off button.

Central section obtains three tabs, and all of them are packed with different compilations of locations. The ‘Streaming’ tab consists of servers optimized for streaming platforms, and the ‘Privacy Pro’ tab contains servers with advanced security functionality. But both tabs are not accessible for the free version.

Windows app encompasses 42 countries that include 55+ servers. The free version supports only two available locations: the Netherlands and the US. The US server proposes the New York and Los Angeles-located servers. As well, on the right section, under the turn on/off button, there is a field with left traffic. 5 GB are available for the free plan. Now is the turn of the macOS app.


Main screen of the MacOS app
MacOS app; main screen

There are no tangible distinctions between the macOS and Windows apps, so we will not give much attention to them.

Application for the current operating system has 44 servers, which is two more geos bigger then on Windows. Two locations are prepared for the free version as well as for Windows: the Netherlands and the US. The US location also contains Los Angeles and New York servers for free. 

Final Thoughts
Applications that have been issued for macOS and Windows operating systems have a united functionality and visual interface with minor distinctions. MacOS contains 2 more countries than Windows. Either PC application has at their disposal 2 locations for the free plan. 5 GB of free traffic belongs to the account and not to the device. Utilizing desktop app together with a mobile app, you should divide this volume of free traffic among devices.

Mobile Apps

There are two key players between mobile operating systems: Android and iOS. Atlas VPN has managed to produce its software for both systems. One by one, we will look first at Android, then at iOS’s application. 

Installation and launching do not involve anything difficult. The first screen that you will see  after opening the application is a sign-up form.

First screen after the installation on the VPN for Android
Android app; first screen

You can use an already-subsisting account or need to undergo registration, which is very simple and the same as for the desktop apps. Just right your email and confirm the message received from the provider. Anything else you do not need to accomplish the procedure

Now a few words about the application’s features and functionality.

Atlas's VPN main screen of the Android application
Android app; main screen

Seven interactive elements are based on the main screen: the turn-on/off button, the field with location selections, and the footer bar with 5 icons. The first footer icon launches the home screen; the second icon contains the ‘Shield’ security option and the ‘Data Breach Monitor’ option. 

This ‘Shield’ feature is also unclear, likewise for desktop apps. We do not know how to define the origin of the feature; hence, we do not understand how it works: what encryption does it use, does it need a specific protocol, or is every protocol suitable for it? In short, it is some unidentified feature provided by the provider with the very general name ‘Shield’.

Central icon is about subscriptions. The fourth icon contains information about the to of obtaining the premium version with a limited period for free, and the last icon responds to the app’s settings.

42 countries with 50+ servers create the Atlas VPN’s network. Similarly to the desktop apps, only two locations are ready for the free plan: the Netherlands and the US. The US locations offer Los Angeles and New York’s servers.

The functionality of the Android app is almost identical to that of PC apps. A split tunneling feature was added to the Android OS. The amount of total locations is very near to the macOS and Windows’ quantity. Free locations are also the same as for desktop apps.

IOS application entails smooth installation and launch. This software has an identical design as for Android, with the same number of interactive elements, country quantity, and free locations. Yet, for this operating system, developers removed the split tunneling option for some reason.

Bottom line
Mobile applications, as well as desktop software, have only two protocols to select. The security stuffing is very limited: iOS obtains just a kill switch option; however, Android OS was fortified with a split tunneling function. In addition, there is an option ‘Shield’ that implies executing some protection role. But we can not  give a detailed definition of it because ‘Shield’ is a very abstract name, and who knows what they mean under this option? The application applies two locations for free, either for iOS or Android.

Browser Extensions

Extensions on browsers are very popular and convenient. We do a lot of work and push extensive volumes of traffic through these utilities. Various providers try to issue their products for browsers to hold a conquest on the market. VPNs are utilized for different purposes, involving plenty of cases. Sometimes we do not need to install a robust program on our PC because an extension can fully cover specific requirements.

Atlas VPN has not yet issued their products optimized for browsers, and now they can barely pretend to have a high rating without this component.

Work in Highly Restricted Countries

There is no information on their official sources or apps about this query.

Server’s locations

More locations, more possibilities. The wider the servers’ network the provider obtains, the more qualified service it can offer. Geographic coverage improves users’ demand; you will not get the desired restricted content if a VPN provider does not have a server in an appropriate country.

Current service provider offers 49+ locations and 1000+ servers.ʼ

Information from the official website about servers and locations quantity

However, we are interested to know what the proposal for the free plan is? During our investigation, it was revealed that only 2 same countries are available for free for each app: the Netherlands and the US. Two locations are a very small number for convenient utilization.

What Bonuses Does the Paid Version Offer, and How Much Does It Cost?

Paid version entails some extra opportunities that the free plan does not entail. You have at your disposal the global scope of locations. Among them, there are geos specifically optimized for streaming. Also, after the subscription, unlimited bandwidth will replace the limitation of 5 GB. You will connect multiple devices simultaneously and get advanced encryption protocols.

As well, the ad-blocking option will complement the functionality along with round-the-clock service support.

Here is their pricing.

Pricing for the Atlas VPN's subscription plans
Atlas VPN pricing

If you want to test this provider, then it would be better to purchase a monthly subscription for $11.99. If the decision is ripened to use Atlas VPN as your key provider, you may choose the yearly or two-year plans that will cost less per month.

About Support

Live support is really alive, and we received an answer within 7 hours.

Сorrespondence via email with Atlas VPN live support
Atlas VPN live correspondence

There may appear to be some difficulties if you want to get live support using mobile devices. Unlike desktop apps, mobile products do not have inside the support tab a reference to the relevant page of the website with the customer’s support email. Maybe you will need to find it manually on the website.

Atlas VPN Review: Final verdict

Atlas VPN strong point is the connection speed. We saw that applications for all platforms do their mission well with very minor losses in downloading speed. The uploading speed sometimes performed better than the original ISP speed.

Privacy policy is very dubious: from one side, they do not monitor, collect, or log information about applications, services, or websites you visit while using Atlas VPN. From another side, they collect the IP address, device identifier, country of residence, state, and ZIP code.

The security stack is very poor for the free apps; there are only two available protocols and a kill switch option. On the Android app a split tunneling function was added. The official website says that the paid plan involves advanced encryption, but there is no information about the encryption for the free plan.

To get the global scope of locations, you need to buy a subscription; otherwise, only two locations are available. Also, the limitation of 5 GB per month does not let you feel the satisfaction.

We can not recommend this provider as a reliable safeguard because there are questions about their privacy policy. It may be a useful tool because of its speed in specific cases, if the bandwidth of 5 GB suits you.

If you are looking for a provider with a strong security and privacy stack, we would suggest you pay attention to another vendor.