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Published: May 21, 2024

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Daily VPN Review – Is It Safe in 2024

A security and privacy program called Daily VPN — Super Proxy program was created to provide you with a very secure connection and reduce the possibility of data breaches. This Daily VPN proxy server makes sure that your online identity is totally anonymous and doesn’t record anything about your activities.

Daily VPN is quite similar to programs that provide a large selection of servers, you’ll discover. Additionally, many tools that make internet surfing safer and easier are available to users.

Although Daily VPN touts itself as a go-to free VPN, it only partially provides a free version. You may  obtain free 3-day access to the full version, or continue with limited to only 1 server access for free. This approach is way beyond one expectation when it comes to choosing a free VPN. 

Even though Daily VPN’s free plan limits how many servers you can connect to, it still helps customers get internet without sacrificing their online safety. Users of all stripes may now enjoy a safer web experience thanks to this program’s ad and URL filters.

  • Has pornographic, spam, and AD blocks
  • No usage limits
  • Military-grade encryption system
  • Access to only one server for free subscription
  • Unstable connection
  • Low internet speed

VPN Features

When it comes to keeping the Internet safe and accessible, the Daily VPN service has you covered with easy and feature-rich solutions:

  • The service’s simplicity of installation and usage makes it a great fit for iPhone users. With just one tap, you may unlock geo-blocked websites and swiftly set up a connection with this software.
  • With Daily VPN, you may unblock geo-restricted content from any location in the globe, including major streaming services like HBO, Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix.
  •  VPN service is continually tuned to bring you fast internet speeds and limitless bandwidth. The network is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • Quickly visit your preferred websites while ensuring the security of your personal information with the single press of a button: that’s one-click connectivity.
  • With Daily VPN, you can choose from over a hundred servers in over thirty countries. This means that users can simply navigate between servers, enjoy fast connections, and bypass any limitations.
  • Quality customer service is guaranteed at all times thanks to the round-the-clock availability of the support staff via email and Facebook Live chat.

Privacy and Logging

Privacy Policy section of the Daily VPN website
Overview of the Privacy and Logging policies of Daily VPN, highlighting their dedication to user security and data privacy

Protecting user privacy and security is Daily VPN Inc.’s top priority. We only utilize the information you provide us with to improve our services and to power our free product with advertising. Anonymized IP addresses and device details are among the data collected by the service from users; however, the service does not retain actual IP addresses beyond sessions nor does it link them to user actions. Every user’s data is protected by Daily VPN’s TLS 1.2 and 256-bit AES encryption, even while using public Wi-Fi or other unprotected networks.

Without disclosing any personally identifiable information to advertising, the data is used to enhance services, reply to questions, and provide updates. With not collecting any information from children under the age of 13, Daily VPN abides with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Using the service constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions, including any changes to the privacy policy, which are announced via website updates. 

Speed Tests – How Fast is VPN

When it comes to how easy and pleasant it is to surf the web, connection speed is crucial. When it comes to this attribute, virtual private networks (VPNs) often slow things down; in rare occasions, VPN design may actually boost performance. We ran a battery of tests to see how certain apps worked on both mobile and desktop platforms. 

PC Test

Screenshot of the Daily VPN app speed test result with the VPN not connected
Daily VPN speed test results indicating a fast and stable internet connection without a VPN connection

A result of the Daily VPN interface’s speed test is shown in the image, which indicates that the VPN is not connected. Here are the outcomes:

The indexes are:

  • Download speed: 94.7 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 93.9 Mbps
  • Ping: 13 ms
  • Jitter: 0 ms
  • Loss: 0%

The speeds shown are the actual, unencumbered speeds of the internet connection, unaffected by the VPN router. I can’t offer a comparison of the speeds with the VPN switched on until data with the VPN connected is supplied for examination. Based on these findings, it appears that the internet connection is now steady and fast, unaffected by VPN interference.

Screenshot of the Daily VPN app while the VPN is connected
Speed test results from Daily VPN while connected, reflecting the typical impact of VPN usage on internet speeds

While the VPN is operational, the picture displays the results of a speed test conducted using the Daily VPN interface. The test results are as follows:

  • Download speed: 3.35 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 93.7 Mbps
  • Ping: 65 ms
  • Jitter: 1 ms
  • Loss: 0%

There was a dramatic decline in download performance after turning on the VPN, as the speed dropped from 94.7 Mbps to 3.35 Mbps. But at 93.7 Mbps, the upload speed has hardly altered. Ping time has gone up from 13 ms to 65 ms, suggesting greater latency while using the VPN. Since VPN connections sometimes entail extra routing and encryption, this indicates that while the VPN maintains upload speeds and network stability (as seen by zero loss and minimal jitter), it affects download speeds and increases latency.

Mobile Test

Screenshot of the Daily VPN mobile app with the VPN not connected
The Daily VPN mobile app shows impressive speed test results without a connected VPN

The first test was conducted with a deactivated VPN conducted on a mobile device using Daily VPN. The test results are shown below:

Screenshot of the Daily VPN mobile app while connected to the VPN
The Daily VPN mobile app connected to a VPN demonstrates the impact of VPN use on mobile internet speeds

The picture displays the outcome of a speed test conducted on a mobile device that has a VPN connection using the Daily VPN software. Specifics of the examination are as follows:

  • Download speed: 5.57 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 45.8 Mbps
  • Ping: 144 ms
  • Jitter: 4 ms

While the VPN is active, the download speed drops dramatically to 5.57 Mbps (down from 92.0 Mbps when not connected) and the upload speed drops to 45.8 Mbps (down from 93.5 Mbps). The ping has also gone up from 15 ms to 144 ms, which is a lot higher and indicates more latency. Because the encrypted data has to traverse longer routes, VPNs can cause performance deterioration.

About Safety – How Secure is Daily VPN?

Protecting data transfers even while using unprotected networks, such as public Wi-Fi, Daily VPN employs TLS 1.2 with 256-bit AES encryption. To further protect customers’ anonymity, it does not keep or disclose their actual IP addresses once VPN sessions have ended, by its zero-logging policy. Users’ anonymity is preserved by the usage of obfuscated servers, which prevent IP leaks. Daily VPN offers dependable security for customers’ online activities and personal data with these characteristics.

Desktop App

Screenshot of the Daily VPN desktop application interface
The Daily VPN desktop app interface displays a clean and straightforward layout

The desktop version of Daily VPN has a basic and minimalist design. The main interface contains a prominent power button to connect or disconnect the VPN, which indicates the current status of the VPN. Even if this is your first VPN service, you will figure out how to connect.

In addition, the interface has a clean, uncluttered look with very few visible options, making it simple but potentially limited in functionality for advanced users looking for more detailed settings or additional features. The simplicity may appeal to users who prefer a VPN solution that is easy to use without complicated configurations.

Mobile App

Screenshot of the Daily VPN mobile app's main screen
The Daily VPN mobile app interface, showing an easy-to-navigate home screen

The mobile version of Daily VPN has a clean and minimalist design, similar to its desktop version. The main screen features a green circle power button that users can tap to connect or disconnect the VPN. 

Overall, the app’s user interface is simple and user-friendly, designed for easy navigation and operation, making it suitable for users who prefer a hassle-free VPN experience.


Protecting user data and privacy, Daily VPN offers powerful security with strong encryption and a strict no-logging policy. Though it keeps jitter levels low and connections reliable, the service drastically slows down download speeds while hardly affecting upload rates. Those who value simplicity of use will like the straightforward UI. To sum up, Daily VPN is a solid choice for standard web surfing and privacy protection, but it may not be the best choice for heavy downloads or streaming because of the VPN’s discernible impact on download speeds.

Work in Highly Restricted Countries

We did not find the necessary information in the public domain on the website, so it is not known whether this GST works in Highly Restricted countries. Considering the laws of such countries, you should think twice before using Daily VPN there.

Server’s locations

With more than 2,000 servers in 190+ countries, Daily VPN offers a VPN network that covers the globe. The following regions are included in our effort to provide users with fast and stable servers: India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Korea, and Thailand; Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Portugal, and Denmark; Australia, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand; Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Chile; and many more.

Screenshot showing the location selection menu in the Daily VPN app
Location options in the Daily VPN app, offering users various server choices across multiple countries

What Bonuses Does the Paid Version Offer, and How Much Does It Cost?

Daily VPN upgrade page
Explore the benefits of upgrading to the Daily VPN paid version

Among the many benefits of Daily VPN’s premium edition are the elimination of ads, a 500% boost in speed, and access to servers all over the world. The price structure is tiered, with a free first 3-day trial. After the trial, consumers may decide for weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions. The weekly pricing is $7.99, monthly at $12.99, and the yearly membership gives a 55% savings, totalling $69.99 per year.

About Support

 Daily VPN support options
Connect with Daily VPN for support through their Facebook page or by sending an email

You can contact the support team via two channels: email or Facebook chat. We believe that more communication options are needed for the VPN service in 2024.

VPN Review: Final Statement 

For those in need of simple VPN capabilities, Daily VPN has you covered with its plain but user-friendly design. Significantly slower internet connections and a lack of server alternatives characterize the free edition, which else provides just the most basic VPN features. The subscription version is essential for those who want more advanced features including faster speeds, an ad-free experience, and access to more servers across the world. Depending on their tastes and requirements, consumers may upgrade their experience via this tiered membership approach.