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Published: January 21, 2024

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VPN Super Review – Is It Safe in 2024

It can appear to be a difficult task to reveal the real state of affairs about VPN providers while they tend to show their best on the websites. Occasionally, the website’s fulfillment is of very poor quality, and sometimes there is no website at all.

Our dedicated resource keeps reviews about virtual private networks that offer free plans. The main value that we provide to consumers is a clear, holistic, and comprehensive description of each vendor. Now you do not need to waste hours of private time in order to study the essentials of VPN settlement.

We examine VPN software from different sides: the privacy policy page, speed tests, security possibilities, and other peculiarities. This base of intelligence is enough to comprehend the main features and functionality of the specific service supplier. We hope our work will help you achieve a real imagination about encrypted networks.

  • Easy installation
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 16 free locations
  • Decent security options
  • Provider collects user’s sensitive data
  • Little security functionality
  • US server has low download speed
  • French server has low download speed
  • US server has high ping time response
  • A lot of ads
  • Does not work in highly restricted countries
  • Live support does not answer

VPN Super Features

The current virtual private network service is available now only for the Android platform. In short, this provider has some flexible security adjustments, a location selection, and an individual privacy policy page. Unfortunately, there is no website to find out comprehensive particulars about its functionality and individual features, so all the details you will see ahead in the review.

Privacy and Logging

Each company has its own approach to personal information treatment. Some of them do not store a pint of user data; others gather only technical identifying data; and the third one collects all the data about the user, including sensitive information. And now we will find out the privacy provisions of the VPN Super provider.

VPN Super privacy page first point
The first screenshot is from the privacy policy page.

The main thing you need to know from the screenshot above is that the provider collects a set of personal data. The image contains four points, and let’s give a few words about it.

The first point tells us that they collect the person’s name, a username, an email, and the password while you register. If they stored only email and user name, it would be normal for technical purposes, but the name and password are unnecessary.

The second point is about the billing information, where they store the street address, billing name, and payment instrument details. We understand that “payment instrument details” is a credit card number.

The third point is about collecting the email address, and the fourth point says that if you share with them some information via communication channels, it may also be collected.

Provider collects users data
Another set of data is collected.

In addition to the previous information, VPN Super collects device identifiers, browser types, device types and settings, operating system versions, mobile, wireless, and other network

information. Primarily, all the data is technical except for the device identifiers; it is sensitive data that may expose the user’s sensitive details. As well, they collect your location and IP address.

Very tricky information is in the second paragraph of the screenshot. They can keep URLs, but at the same time, they do not log any information that associates your identity with your VPN browsing activity. We do not maintain any records that show what you were browsing or accessing through a VPN connection.

It is difficult to understand when a company collects user location, IP address, mobile identifiers, and URLs, and in the next row they write about zero-identifying data logging and browsing activity.

Provider has legal obligations
It is very interesting, but nothing is clear.

Once more affirmation that they do not log users’ online activity data and that their vision regarding user privacy is very determined. On the other side, they must share personal information in the case of law enforcement, and we already know that they store IP addresses, device identifiers, locations, visited URLs, and other stuff.

VPN Super use tracking technologies
Generally, tracking technologies are not the best business card for a VPN.

Their tracking technology list consists of such items as:

  • cookies;
  • Pixel tags, page tags, web beacons, and tracking links
  • SDKs.

We will not dive into what this stuff is; however, you should know that all of these items have the ability to collect various data, including sensitive personal information. It is not always the case, and it depends on configurations.

VPN Super assures that they need tracking technologies to recognize repeated users, determine when users take a specific action, and serve third-party advertisements. Also, outside business partners can collect some data from the device where their ads run. What exact data we have, we do not know, but it can be everything.

Unclear explanation of the security measures
And again, many words and nothing certain.

We consider it to be a very vague explanation. What exact measures do they use? Is it the best world-class technical equipment or just a huge barn lock on the door to their servers? It all matters.

If we talk about administrative safeguards, they can also imply distinctive approaches regarding confidentiality. There is no guarantee that their particular methods provide reliable protection. To talk about the current point confidently, the provider should give more details.

The period of user data retention is not certainly defined
What is the period of data retention?

As this text shows, VPN Super will keep your data until you have an account with their service. Other reasons that can cause the preservation of a user’s information are legal obligations or their legitimate interests. Considering these facts, it is hard to say how long your data may be kept.

One question arises according to the last sentence in the screenshot. When personal data is no longer required, they will delete it or store it in some secure way. But what is the purpose of storing intelligence if it is not needed anymore?

VPN Super age limitation
It is a good practice, but how do they control it?

During the app exploration, we did not face any notifications, prompts, or other messages about the age limitations. So, in reality, they do not have a mechanism to detect this point.

We have just looked through all the main positions on the privacy policy page, and you can estimate how they suit your needs. And now it is time to switch to another section.

Speed Tests – How Fast is VPN Super

Speed capacity is a very significant factor that influences efficiency and comfortability. Every VPN service impacts the internet service provider’s (ISP) speed but makes it divergent; there are plenty of factors playing a role here. Some of them affect the initial speed so much that you could probably interact online, while others have a well-built software architecture and furnish good speed.

Usually we make speed tests for desktops, browsers, and mobile gadgets, but in this case the software is available only for Android. If the free plan allows, we take two locations for an investigation: the first one is the US server, and the second is a randomly selected country from the European region. If the unpaid version does not imply many locations, then we utilize what there is.

Hence, we skip the subdivisions of desktop tests and browser extension tests for obvious reasons and directly go to the mobile block.

PC Test

This section is empty because the provider did not develop software for the PC.

Browsers’ Extensions Test

This section is empty because the provider did not develop software for browsers.

Mobile Test

VPN Super for Android show speed capabilities for two locations
US and FR locations.

The first image shows the results of the ISP. The indexes are:

  • download speed is 76.3 mbps;
  • upload speed is 77.7 mbps;
  • ping time is 2 ms.

The central image shows the performance of the US server. The indexes are:

  • download speed is 27.1 mbps;
  • upload speed is 69.6 mbps;
  • ping time is 148 ms.

The download speed is 64% lower than the ISP speed, and the upload speed is 10% lower too. Ping time has raised from 2 ms to 148 ms.

The right image shows the performance of the French server. The indexes are:

  • download speed is 45.9 mbps;
  • upload speed is 77.5 mbps;
  • ping time is 42 ms.

The download speed has been cut by nearly 40%, the upload speed has lost less than 1%, and the ping time has elevated from 2 ms to 42 ms.

The American server suffered a tangible loss of download capability and demonstrated good results for an upload index. Considering that the main demand lies in consuming content, you will meet lags, especially if your ISP does not provide a fast connection. The ping time response as well is very high and will not predict confidence for live-time events like online calls, gaming, or meetings.

The French server presented better performance, but the download marker is still low. The upload speed indicator is pretty good, and the ping time is in a range of affordable values. Basically, you could use it, but ensure that you have a decent initial speed; mobile networks are not always fast.

About Safety – How Secure is VPN Super

The security functionality is also very diverse, and each individual VPN program is a unique entity. The current application does not have a rich selection of safeguard options—only two.

Super VPN settings tab is absent
The application does not have a dedicated settings tab.

Immediately under the connection button, there is a field with three points:

  • Auto
    • This option does not embody essence, seeing that it is an automatic selector between two next options.
  • IKEv2
    • This protocol involves decent encryption, is compatible with mobile devices, performs Network Address Translation (NAT), and supports different authentication (EAP) methods. It is valuable for reconnection qualities that effectively work with frequently changing networks or connection crashes.
  • OpenVPN
    • This protocol is widespread for establishing encrypted connections between devices. Its configuration is quite flexible, with multiple authentication methods. High flexibility allows it to comply with various operating systems and take action over UDP or TCP protocols.

Apart from the encryption protocols, there is one more feature inside the menu called “Select Proxy Apps.” It means that you can manually select which applications on your device will work through the virtual private network and which of them are directed to the internet service provider.

The security suite is very limited, but nonetheless, it encompasses reliable and cutting-edge options.

Desktop Apps

This section is empty because the provider did not develop software for the PC.

Mobile Apps

Here we will briefly discuss the common peculiarities of VPN Super for Android.

VPN Super features
And again this image.

The main screen contains eight interactive elements:

  • Hamburger menu icon in the left upper corner;
  • The fourth icon from the top right contains subscription plans;
  • The third icon includes some additional technical information about the current location;
  • The second icon turns on their special security browser;
  • The first ‘Help’ icon from the right edge contains general information about VPN;
  • Turn-on/off button in the center;
  • Location selection above the connection button;
  • Protocol field under the connection button.

A few more words about the fulfillment of the hamburger menu.

VPN Super menu fulfillment
Main menu.

The menu contains several secondary points: one security option, ‘Select Proxy Apps’, a contact us field, and an about us field where you can get to the privacy policy page and terms and conditions.

Browser Extensions

This section is empty because the provider did not develop software for browsers.


The speed performance is unsustainable; the download speed capacity either for the US or French server incurs significant deterioration. Compared to each other, the American server demonstrated worse results than the French in this index.

The upload speed is good for both locations; the French geo even incurred almost no loss. However, how can users utilize this product comfortably if the consuming traffic is very slow?

The ping time of the US location overflowed the value when the live-time event could run seamlessly. The European region is good at this index, but here we are again back to the download speed issue.

The scope of security technologies is modest but consists of two reliable, cutting-edge protocols. Inside the menu, there is an additional and handful feature that lets you distribute your device’s applications between the encrypted network and the ISP network.

The VPN Super free software is working due to the partners advertising, and you will face a lot of it during the exploitation. The nice thing is that we did not encounter bandwidth limitations.

Work in Highly Restricted Countries

There is no information about this topic from the provider.

Server’s locations

The free version contains 145+ servers within 16 countries, and the majority of them are in German and French.

What Bonuses Does the Paid Version Offer, and How Much Does It Cost

And again, there is no description of the additional features available for the paid plan. From the things visible to our eyes in the application, we can affirm that you will add 16 more countries to the server’s network and get rid of annoying apps. The weekly fee is about $6.7, and the monthly fee is near $9.9.

About Support

The menu of the program includes the ‘Contact Us’ tab that leads to an email application where you can write a message to the live support. We sent them a letter and did not receive any feedback.

VPN Super Review: Final verdict

The current provider does not possess many strong characteristics for pretending to have a high mark. The privacy policy is very weak; it implies collecting sensitive user information. Important speed indices also did not reach a satisfying level.

The security facilities are reliable but stingy and do not prevail over the existing drawbacks. Customer support service is not working, and the advertising frequency inside the app disturbs a lot. We can not suggest this provider as a reliable and efficient service.