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Published: June 25, 2024

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DotVPN Review – Is It Safe in 2024

DotVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN provider that has over 700 servers located in 10 countries, has unlimited bandwidth and offers a wide range of IP address changes.

Various product offerings from DotVPN
Various product offerings from DotVPN, half of which do not work

But enjoying this VPN, in its free version, is not possible. The desktop version of the app does not exist for any of the platforms, and there are no free servers for the mobile version. There are only 3 free servers for the browser extension. This VPN is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. These are the ones we were able to test. 

  • 45-day refund
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • AD blocker
  • Simple interface
  • Multiple free VPN locations
  • No desktop app
  • No technical support
  • No torrenting allowed

DotVPN Features

DotVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN company with more than 700 servers situated in 10 countries across the globe, enabling limitless switching between locations as well as unlimited bandwidth.

The DotVPN service lets its customers preserve anonymity by building a secure tunnel through which all your data goes. The bandwidth of the network is infinite, and there is built-in data compression to save users’ traffic. DotVPN provides various unique features such as a built-in firewall, TOR network compatibility, security against DDoS assaults, and more.

With a vast server network of 700 servers throughout the globe, you may change your location as frequently as you wish. There’s also an ad blocker here that prevents monitoring apps to help you more comfortable online. You may save up to 30% of your bandwidth owing to data compression technology!

There are extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox web browsers. There are also applications for iOS and Android. But there are no desktop applications.

Privacy and Logging

Privacy Policy information DotVPN
Privacy Policy section of DotVPN, outlining the types of personal information collected by the company

The privacy policy of DotVPN is rather inadequate. There is no indication that the VPN keeps track of the websites you visit or the files you download. Additionally, it says that your IP address is saved for 24 hours, which isn’t very lengthy but still seems excessive. An even bigger red flag is the VPN’s apparent storage of your connection details and its apparent willingness to hand them over to the Hong Kong police upon request—a statement made in the privacy policy. 

Speed Tests – How Fast is VPN

The speed tests were not comprehensive, as Dot VPN still does not have a desktop version, and mobile versions are available only with a paid subscription. However, we managed to test the free servers of the Dot VPN browser extension. 

PC Test

DotVPN does not offer a dedicated PC application. You can use DotVPN with browser extensions to guarantee a secure and private connection on your desktop.

Browsers’ Extensions Test

Speedtest result without DotVPN Chrome extension
The result of the speed test conducted without the DotVPN Chrome extension showing the real speed of internet connection

The results of an internet connection speed test conducted without using the DotVPN Chrome extension. The test showcases impressive connectivity speeds with:

  • Download Speed: 93.86 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 93.64 Mbps
  • Ping: 14 ms

These metrics reflect a robust internet connection, capable of handling various high-demand online activities efficiently.

Speed test results using DotVPN's free US server on Chrome extension
Speed test results when using the DotVPN Chrome extension connected to a free server in the USA

Here are the results of the internet speed test conducted using the DotVPN Chrome extension connected to a free server in the USA:

  • Download Speed: 10.35 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 73.32 Mbps
  • Ping: 300 ms

These results show a significant asymmetry between download and upload speeds, with download speeds drastically lower compared to upload speeds. The high ping also indicates a possible latency issue, which could affect the responsiveness and overall browsing experience.

Speed test results using DotVPN Chrome extension on a server in France
A speed test conducted using the DotVPN extension for Chrome while connecting to a free server about France

Here are the results of the internet speed test using the DotVPN Chrome extension connected to a free server in France:

  • Download Speed: 93.64 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 83.45 Mbps
  • Ping: 98 ms

This test shows excellent download and upload speeds, significantly maintaining performance despite the VPN connection to France. The ping of 98 ms, while higher than typical local connections, is still reasonable for VPN standards, especially when connected to international servers. These results indicate effective server performance and optimization by DotVPN for this particular region.

Mobile Test

The VPN service is currently running without a mobile app, but since this is a new VPN, it is expected that they will soon release an app available on all platforms as well

About Safety – How Secure is VPN?

While 256-bit AES encryption is the gold standard, DotVPN’s 128-bit encryption is still rock solid, plus you receive a 4096-bit key—a frequently used encryption cipher—to top it all off. Since 128-bit AES requires less encryption, it should be quicker, and that is what DotVPN claims it uses. Nevertheless, there is no proof to support DotVPN’s allegation that 256-bit AES encryption has known weaknesses.

Browsers are reasonably protected by DotVPN’s usage of SSL-proxy, one of the protocols available. With no desktop programs available, this is sufficient for DotVPN’s one Chrome browser extension. Unfortunately, DotVPN’s iOS and Android applications, which used IPsec and OpenVPN, respectively, are no longer supported.

Browser Extensions

DotVPN welcome screen on browser extension
Access anonymity with the DotVPN extension for Chrome browser

An anonymous online experience is within reach with the help of DotVPN for Chrome. This software is a lifesaver for any number of tasks, including downloading new movies, bypassing geo-restrictions on websites, and transferring private data.

More than 700 servers are available with DotVPN for Chrome. There are three free servers available: one in the US, one in France, and one in the Netherlands. It offers almost endless bandwidth and a limitless number of server switches. Consequently, a link may be established in a matter of seconds at any time. When working with a sluggish connection, an approach called integrated compression may greatly improve data transmission rates.


DotVPN settings menu with various performance and privacy options
The DotVPN settings menu highlights various options for enhancing performance and privacy

The performance options of DotVPN allow for a customized, privacy- and efficiency-focused user experience. Users have the option to activate the VPN at a time of their choosing, or it may connect automatically upon application launch. You may optimize your data use and reduce your data consumption when online by enabling bandwidth saving. The program also helps users stay anonymous and reduces unnecessary data traffic by eliminating adverts, prohibiting tracking, and analytics. Video chats and other activities requiring a direct peer-to-peer connection are also compatible with WebRTC Hide IP, which might expose your actual IP address. Performance and privacy are prioritized in these settings, which provide a balanced approach to functionality and user control.

Work in Highly Restricted Countries

Working in countries with severe restrictions, such as Russia, can be difficult for DotVPN. It is known that Russia restricts VPN services, but the service has a server in Russia. 

It was not possible to get exact information about DotVPN’s work in China. However, the Chrome extension also includes a premium server in Hong Kong. 

Server’s locations

DotVPN's server selection screen displaying available locations
DotVPN provides users with 3 free servers to choose from in different countries.

There are only three free servers in the Chrome extension. These are 2 servers in Europe, namely in the Netherlands and France, and 1 server in America. 

What Bonuses Does the Paid Version Offer, and How Much Does It Cost?

Subscription pricing and payment options for DotVPN
Different subscription plans and payment methods available for DotVPN

You are presented with several payment alternatives to choose from:

  • PayPal
  • credit cards

A full refund is available for cancellations made within 45 days. Any amount repaid after then will be calculated on a prorated basis.

When you buy a premium subscription, you can get additional features like this. 

Subscription benefits for DotVPN's VPN service
DotVPN offers a comprehensive subscription plan 

About Support

DotVPN browser extension customer service
DotVPN browser extension client service interface

An online contact form is available inside the DotVPN browser extension’s main menu. Support can also be contacted at

This contact form is rather straightforward. After providing some basic information, we inquired about VPN protocols and encryption.

A whole day passed and we heard nothing back. Even after sending them a second email (this was my second effort to get in touch with them), we have heard nothing more.

This was a major setback since customer service is crucial when working with technological items.

DotVPN Review: Final Statement 

There are other further issues with DotVPN. This VPN only functions as a Chrome extension, logs your IP address for 24 hours after each session, does not enable peer-to-peer transmission, and does not come with its applications. In addition, there aren’t many advertising blocked by the ad blocker, customer service is nonexistent, and there are only five connections available.

There are a number of serious privacy and security concerns with DotVPN. For instance, it discloses your IP address, lacks a kill button, and seems to have a policy of gathering your web history. You should think hard before utilizing this service because of all the risks involved with your data and personal information.