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Published: June 26, 2024

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Radmin VPN Review – Is It Safe in 2024

If you’re using Windows, Radmin VPN is a free virtual private network (VPN) that you may use. Put another way, it makes it possible for machines that are physically far apart to communicate with one another virtually, as if they were all part of the same network.

If you’re not acquainted, a local area network (LAN) is just a bunch of devices that are physically near to each other and communicate with each other over an internet connection. You may print wirelessly from your computer to a wireless printer, for instance, since all of your devices that are linked to the same Wi-Fi router create a local area network (LAN).

Because they share a common internet connection, devices in a real LAN must be physically near to one another. On the other hand, Radmin VPN establishes a central virtual connection. What this implies is that you may link any number of devices from any location in the globe that have an internet connection, and they will function as if they were on the same local area network (LAN).

When the virtual LAN is up and running, you’ll have all the same advantages as a physical LAN, including:

  • Collaborating on shared resources such as Wi-Fi printers, servers, and apps
  • Using local area network (LAN) devices to share data
  • Using network security measures to safeguard all devices linked to a local area network

Just a friendly reminder that Radmin VPN is Windows only. So, if you want to use it on one device and connect it to another, make sure they both run Windows.

  • Virtual Local Area Network (LAN) available
  • Free and easy to use
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Weak level of security and privacy
  • Limited features as it is not a real VPN
  • Only available for Windows

Radmin VPN Features

Like other VPNs, Radmin VPN aims to keep your online activities private, but it does it differently. Virtual private networks (VPNs) let you establish an encrypted connection to the internet. Your privacy is protected since the VPN encrypts all of your traffic, both incoming and outgoing. A virtual private network (VPN) server is also located at the tunnel’s endpoint. It will seem as if you are surfing from the location of that server, since it passes traffic back and forth across the tunnel. It effectively masks your IP address so that websites cannot detect it.

While encryption does play a significant role in Radmin VPN’s virtual network, it does not cover all of your communication. Data sent within the virtual LAN is the only one encrypted. Your online privacy won’t improve, but no one will be able to intercept the data you send and receive over your local area network (LAN).

The encryption used by Radmin VPN is 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the industry standard for VPN security. The United States military utilizes this sophisticated kind of encryption to secure sensitive information.1 When it comes to security, Ramin VPN isn’t short of options. It’s simply that it encrypts data that is being shared within your virtual LAN and not any other type of data.

Even though Radmin VPN changed our IP address, no one outside the virtual LAN can see it. Even when we were not on the local area network, websites still displayed our actual IP address.

Privacy and Logging

Radmin VPN's no-logging policy
Radmin VPN’s zero-logging policy, which guarantees that your online activity and personal information will remain private.

Radmin VPN claims to be based in the British Virgin Islands on their official website. Outside of the 14 Eyes alliance, the British Virgin Islands lack data retention laws that are legally required. Despite having a common monarch with the United Kingdom, the British Virgin Islands have their own legislature and judiciary.

There isn’t much information about Radmin VPN’s logging policy in its brief privacy policy. Radmin VPN logs your domain, IP address, browser type, and operating system whenever you visit its website, as stated in its privacy policy. The text also implies that this knowledge can’t be used to identify you, which we strongly disagree with. A person’s identity may be deduced from their IP address. The only remaining uncertainty is whether the corporation keeps tabs on the data flowing through the secure tunnels. Regardless, their privacy policy makes no mention of it.

If Famatech is not required by law to disclose your information, it will not. So, in the event that law enforcement requests it, they will disclose your information to the proper authorities.

Although it is not required to do so, Radmin VPN is, in our view, collecting far too much data. To see a complete policy against logging would be ideal.

Speed Tests – How Fast is Radmin VPN

A VPN’s speed should be your first priority. The fastest VPNs are those that, even when encrypted, allow you to maintain the majority of your original connection speed. On speedier networks, you shouldn’t notice a slowdown.

For that reason, we will measure the speed of the connection while using Radmin VPN.

PC Test

Internet speed test results on a PC without using Radmin VPN
The results of an internet speed without using Radmin VPN test on a PC 

Here are the internet speed test results conducted without using Radmin VPN:

  • Download Speed: 94.35 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 93.93 Mbps
  • Ping: 12 ms

This indicates a high-speed connection.

Internet speed test using Radmin VPN
The results of an internet speed test using Radmin VPN on a PC

The test results for internet speed using the Radmin VPN are as follows:

  • Download Speed: 93.85 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 92.75 Mbps
  • Ping: 11 ms

Tests conducted with Radmin VPN have shown that the service reliably and efficiently maintains high speeds with little latency. Even with its activation, Radmin VPN seems to do a good job of improving network performance.

About Safety – How Secure is VPN?

When it comes to protecting its users, the top VPNs do two things very well. In particular, they should encrypt all of your communications, mask your real IP address, and (preferably) not keep any records at all.

Unfortunately, Radmin VPN falls short on several counts. Actually, it hardly qualifies as a VPN since it fails to mask your IP address adequately. Our findings are summarized here:

  • Although Radmin VPN uses AES-256 encryption, the protocols used are not disclosed.
  • When you visit the official site and use the service, it records personal data, including your IP address.
  • A kill switch is not available.
  • You won’t need to provide any personal information to register.

Desktop App

Radmin VPN desktop interface
Simple and clear interface of the Radmin VPN desktop application

Using Radmin VPN’s client couldn’t be easier. You will become an expert user in no time since there are no really complex settings. This may deter advanced users, but newcomers will adore it.

Aside from your computer’s “name” and IP address, the primary screen only shows an on/off button. Additionally, the main window remembers the networks you’ve used lately, allowing you to access them faster.

Radmin VPN settings interface
Radmin VPN offers customizable settings

Selecting “System” from the menu in the upper left corner opens the Settings menu and lets you establish firewall exceptions. The following is possible here:

  • Pick a color scheme (light/dark)
  • Revise the wording
  • Allow for automatic updates
  • Put a proxy server to use

You may join an existing network or create a new one using the “Network” option. Use this feature to link your company’s PCs or join one of the several gaming networks offered by Radmin VPN.

Currently, the Radmin VPN client is compatible with more than 30 languages. Among them, you’ll find some uncommon choices, such as Persian, Arabic, Thai, Greek, Hebrew, and more.


Since Radmin VPN does not encrypt standard internet traffic, it does not affect the performance of common online activities such as surfing, streaming material, or downloading. The virtual LAN’s performance is impacted by how near the connected devices are to one other; the closer the devices are, the higher the performance.

Work in Highly Restricted Countries

Radmin VPN performance in highly restricted countries
Forum post discussing the performance of Radmin VPN in China

When trying to access geo-blocked countries like China, Radmin VPN seems to have a lot of trouble. Some users in China have experienced issues downloading the program or accessing the official website, even when using a different VPN. Users still have troubles with services like gaming and severe latency even after connecting to the VPN. Some kind of restriction or blocking seems to be in place, which is impacting the software’s functioning and connection.

Radmin VPN Server’s locations

This Radmin VPN review has previously stated that the service does not provide standard VPN servers. Basically, connecting to a server in the US won’t automatically give you an IP address associated with that country. That is not the function of Radmin VPN.

That also rules out using it to bypass geo-restrictions or cope with internet censorship. An improved option would be to use a VPN.

Radmin VPN, on the other hand, has a plethora of gaming networks that cover almost any game imaginable. Just find a group whose members speak your language, join them, and you’ll be good to go.

In addition, you have the option to establish a network for your corporate team or gaming group. All you have to do is give it a name, make a password, and let your team know about it. Entering the credentials of an existing private network is another option for joining. Typically, gaming networks do not need passwords.

What Bonuses Does the Paid Version Offer, and How Much Does It Cost?

This is the lowest tier of VPN service available if you’re on a tight budget. With Radmin VPN, there are no hidden prices or fees at all.

That being stated, it is sold without warranty and in its current condition. This implies that the business is not liable for any issues that may arise from your use of Radmin VPN.

The affordable pricing of the program is definitely a major selling point. But you should still acquire a VPN since it doesn’t provide secure connections. 

About Support

Support page for Radimin VPN
The Radimin VPN support page outlines the necessary steps for users needing assistance

Since Radmin VPN is free, we weren’t expecting any fancy extras like premium assistance. We were not disappointed.

On top of a respectable knowledge base, Radmin’s official website offers a ticket assistance system. You should be able to resolve most of your issues by consulting the many setup instructions and troubleshooting manuals that are available.

Normally, we’d be griping about how the live chat option is missing here. We can’t expect the provider to keep up a full-time support staff and lose money since this is a free service.

The Radmin VPN Discord server, however, is a treasure trove of helpful information. The “Tech-Support” channel is a great place to get answers to your questions and provide a hand to other users.

Troubleshooting guide for Radmin VPN
Radmin VPN troubleshooting section in an online community channel at Discord

Radmin VPN Review: Final Statement 

Despite its name, Radmin VPN isn’t really a VPN that prioritizes user privacy. It would have bombed miserably if we had tried to use it that way. None of the standard VPN functions are available, and it does not encrypt any data sent over the internet or mask your IP address.

Radmin VPN isn’t designed to keep your online activities private, but that’s not its intention either. The creation of virtual LANs allows computers to remotely connect without physically being near one other; this is its distinct function. And Radmin VPN really shines when it comes to that particular task.